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Merco M 217 Photoluminescent Material

Merco M 217 Photoluminescent Material as a Class B PET Photoluminescent Vinyl material that is designed to produce safety and emergency exit signage, making  photoluminescent egress path marking system for buildings as required by IBC/IFC 2009. It could be used on residential housing, marking on the steps, handrails, stair landings, egress path obstacles and exit doors of enclosed stairwells.

Other applications include Military, surplus, hunting and camping, general hardware, oem, school, arts and crafts and more.

Merco M 217 Photoluminescent Material is available in convenient precut roll form, cut strips and master sheeting.

Features and Benefits

  • Meet and exceeds ASTM D 2072, IMO A.752, OSHA 1910, DIN 67510-4, NYC RS 6-1 and RS 6-1A, IFC 2009, UL 1994
  • Extended glowing time for more than 5 hours
  • Permanent Pressure Sensitive Adhesive
  • Re-charge in a quick time
  • More than 10 years for indoor use

Photopic Luminance (Glow in the Dark)

Merco M 217 Photoluminescent Material will have typical photopic luminance values listed in below tables when follow the standard test methods in according to:

  • ASTM E 2073 -10
  • NYC RS-6-1A
  • DIN 67510-1

Codes and Standards

Activation Conditions

Photopic Luminance Values in mcd/m2 after activation has ceased



10 Min

60 Min

90 Min

ASTM D2072-10 Mini. Requirements


10.8 lx (1 fc)




Merco M 217




NYC RS-6-1 Mini. Requirements


31.6 lx (2 fc)




Merco M 217




DIN 67510-4
Class B


1000 lx
(92.9 fc)




Merco M 217




Decay Time

According to activation conditions of DIN 67510-1, Merco M 217 Photoluminescent Vinyl will glow for a minimum of 600 minutes until its photopic luminance value reaches 0.3 mcd/m2.

Physical Performance

Merco M 217 Photoluminescent Vinyl is tested to have following physical properties:

  •   Thickness : 9-11 mils
  •   Visual Appearance : Light Yellow Green Color
  •   Glowing Colors : Bright Green
  •   Adhesive : Permanent Pressure Sensitive
            Test Method: 90o Hang Weight
            Test Result: Less than 2 Inch (55 mm) Movement
  •   Impact Resistance
            Test Method: Apply vinyl to a panel 3 x 6 inch. Subject vinyl to a 50 inch pounds (5.7Nm) impact in accordance with ASTM D-2794.
            Test Result: No separation from panel or cracking outside immediate on impact area.
  • Shrinkage
            Test Method: Condition a 9 by 9in vinyl with liner for a  minimum of 1 hour, removed the liner with adhesive side up for 24 hours.
            Test Result: No Change
  • Flexibility
            Test Method: Following conditioning of 1 x 6 inch sample, remove liner and dust adhesive with talc. At standard conditions, bend in one second around 1/8 inch mandrel with adhesive side facing mandrel.
            Test Result:  No cracking, peeling or delamination on Application Surface
  • Application Temperature Range : 50oF to 100oF (10oC to 38oC)
  • Service Temperature Range : -30oF to 200oF (-34oC to 90oC)
  • Washability (ASTM D 4828 -1994)
  • Toxicity (SMP 800-C)
  • Radioactivity (ASTM D 3648-2004)
  • Flame Spread (ASTM E 162-2002)
  • UV Degradation (ASTM G 155-2004)


Cleaning: Routine washing is recommended for maximum performance

Visual Inspection: Photoluminescent material, signs and markings should be inspected visually every 12 months at minimum, inspect under a normal lighting condition.


Merco M 217 Photoluminescent Vinyl incorporates a pressure sensitive adhesive and should be applied to the substrate a temperature of 60F/18C or higher by any of following methods:

  • Mechanical Squeeze Roll Applicator: Application to extrusions that are edge  wrapped require sufficient softening of the vinyl, this can be  accomplished by directing additional heat to the next to last edge roller. This practice will increase productivity and minimize cracking.
  • Hand Squeeze Roll Applicator: Application for complete sign or backgrounds  must be done with a roll laminator, either mechanical or hand driven.


Merco M 217 Photoluminescent Vinyl can be used on wide range of substrates. For the optimized performance, users are urged to carefully evaluate all substrates for adhesion and  durability. All substrates for proper application of photoluminescent vinyl should have the follow characteristics:

  • Clean- Smooth- Flat- Rigid- Dimensionally Stable- Weather Resistant- Nonporous- High Surface Energy

Storage and Packaging

Merco M 217 Photoluminescent Vinyl should be stored in a cool, dry area, preferably at 65-75F (18-24C)  and 30-50% relative humidity and should be applied within one year of purchase.

Rolls should be stored horizontally in the shipping carton. Partially used  rolls should be returned to the shipping carton or suspended  horizontally from a rod or pipe through the core. Unprocessed sheets  should be stored flat. Finished signs and applied blanks should be  stored on edge.

Screen processed signs must be protected with slipsheet paper. Place the  glossy side of the slipsheet against the sign face and pad the face with closed cell packaging foam. Double faced signs must have the glossy  side of the slipsheet against each face of the sign.

Panels or finished signs must remain dry during shipment and storage. If  packaged signs become wet, unpack immediately and allow signs to dry.

General Performance Considerations

The durability of Merco M 217 Photoluminescent Vinyl  will depend upon  substrate selection and preparation, compliance with recommended  application procedures, geographic area, exposure conditions, and  maintenance.

Maximum durability of Merco M 217 Photoluminescent Vinyl can be expected in applications subject to vertical exposure on  stationary objects when processed and applied to properly prepared  aluminum according to recommendations. The user must determine the  suitability of any nonmetallic sign backing for its intended use.

Sign failures caused by the substrate or improper surface preparation are  not the responsibility of Merco Tape. Applications to unprimed, excessively  rough or non-weather resistant surfaces or exposure to severe or unusual conditions can shorten the performance of such applications.

Custom colors, certain lighter colors, heavily toned colors or blends  containing yellow or gold may have reduced durability. Atmospheric  conditions in certain geographic areas may result in reduced durability.

Periodic sign inspection and regular sign replacement are strongly recommended  in order for sign owners to establish their own effective service life  expectation, beyond the warranty period.

Applications for Standards and Codes


Codes and Standards



ASTM E2072-10

Safety Markings


ASTM E230-09a

Safety Marking Guide


UL 1994

Egress Path Marking


IBC 2009

Egress Path Marking


2010 CA Building Code

Egress Path Marking


2005 CT Building Code

Egress Path Marking



Egress Path Marking System


NYC RS6-1 and RS6-1A

Exit Signs and Path Marking System


ISO 16069

Graphic Symbols


ISO 17398

Safety Colors and Signs


OSHA 10910.37

Exit Signs

Life Safety

Egress Path Marking

IFC 2009

Life Safety

Egress Path Marking

NFP 5000

Life Safety

Egress Path Marking

NFPA 101


Egress Path Marking

CID AA 55792

Passenger Rail

APTA SS-PS-002-98 Rev.2

Emergency Exit Signs


Merco M 217 Photoluminescent Vinyl has an aggressive pressure sensitive adhesive. The use of a heat gun or steam cleaner will aid in removal, Citrus base cleaner is recommended  for the removal of adhesive residue from substrates. 

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